Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I update my information that's posted on this website?
A Please use the Feedback form to request changes. If you're already on this list please do not sign up again, as it creates more maintenance work for us.
Q Is it a good idea to invite everyone I know on this website to be my Facebook friend?

We strongly urge you not to, unless they really are (or were) a close friend. The unrequested adding of people to Facebook friends, buddy lists, and (especially) joke/cute/political/spiritual/etc. mailing lists is considered a broach of internet etiquette.

Q Can I receive the newsletter without signing up on the website?
A Sorry, but no.  The newsletter is sent based on the email address in the website database.  (However, we can suppress sending the newsletter if you just want to be on the website).
Q How come there are so few stories about the 50’s?
A There are fewer 50’s grads on the website than any other decade. Very few stories are sent in by our 50’s members. Send them in and we’ll take them into consideration.

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